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About us

We're a strategic marketing and sales enablement consultancy that exists to unlock customer value for your business.

We do this by helping you to enrich the customer experience at every point of contact – from the first seed of awareness to enquiry to opportunity, purchase, the post-sale relationship and repeat purchases.

To achieve this requires a unique combination of customer insight, an understanding of the key business strengths, business operations, and real-world commercial experience. 

The depth of leadership and commercial experience we bring also makes us easier and more efficient to deal with. We align with our clients on the objectives, strategy and plan. Then we execute with transparent accountability. It’s like having a dedicated marketing director or additional team members. There’s no hand-holding or wasted time. Just measurable activity and continuous improvement.

Our approach is driven by contemporary inbound marketing and sales methodology. We position your brand as a helpful and useful authority in your category. In today’s online world, this approach is highly effective. We empower the right customer to discover your strengths and benefits and help them to navigate to the moment of purchase.

Process automation across both marketing and sales improves the customer experience and business efficiency.

Most of all, everything is measured and reported in real-time. So you can see and measure clearly attributable results and the value you receive for your investment.

We unlock customer value.

Leadership team

Our team loves what we do and the impact we have.

Stuart Poignand, Poignand Consulting

Stuart Poignand


Stuart has over 25 years of strategic marketing and sales experience, including GM of marketing at Canon and Sydney MD of the international digital agency group, SapientNitro. Stuart is a commercially experienced professional who is focused on the customer and client business outcomes. He enjoys helping growth-focused businesses achieve success. Stuart is an experienced and ambitious business leader with a great sense of humour. It is his down to earth nature that makes him so easy to work with and why he sustains such long-lasting relationships.

Imogen Arnold, Poignand Consulting

Imogen Arnold-Dunk

Client Service Director

Imogen is an experienced and results-driven client service director and project manager. She led client service and project delivery for Telstra’s retail business as Business Director at the Paragon Design Group. Imogen has spent the last seventeen years managing marketing projects for the likes of Vodafone, nbn, Apple, Samsung, Bose, Qantas, Bayer, Citibank, Bupa and, of course, Telstra. She has the all-too-rare quality of being both able to make the impossible happen and be universally well-liked.

Values you can rely on

Values - Creativity Poignand Consulting


We love ideas, solving problems and finding new ways

Values - Integrity Poignand Consulting


We do the right thing every time and always sleep well

Values - Collaboration Poignand Consulting


We listen carefully and work together for better insights, ownership, learning and results

Values - Happiness Poignand Consulting


We strive for total satisfaction, for our clients and ourselves



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