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Customer experience

We unlock value at every stage of the customer experience

Today’s customer has high expectations that are changing more rapidly than ever before. They expect a simple, helpful and consistent experience, from the first contact to exploration, post-sales consumption and support.

We're a strategic marketing and sales enablement consultancy that focuses on the customer experience at the points where value is created.

Strategically focussed on value

Strategically focused on value

Our strategy is powered by a deep understanding of the highest value customers and what drives them to buy. This, aligned with the strengths of your business. 

Results Driven

Results Driven

At the end of the day, it’s all about profitable sales growth. It’s easy to say and hard to do. That’s why we do what we do.

We use both sides of the brain

To engage your customer and answer your business challenge requires us to be both creatively inspiring and data-driven.

Both side of the brain

We create a better business experience for you

We’re different from typical marketing agencies. The combination of real-world commercial experience, strategic excellence and hands-on leadership means that we operate as a virtual marketing manager or as an extension of your team.

We align with your objectives, strategy and plan, and then execute. This means no more agency hand-holding and no time wasted. We’re a self-managed partner that is accountable for the results we deliver.

A better business experience

Whole of business context

Because marketing and sales strategy exists in a whole-of-business context, it has to be aligned with the resources and capability of the business. We build strategy on a foundation of operational understanding, ambition and creativity.

Whole of business context

Sales pipeline confidence

In marketing and sales, measuring pipeline conversions provides supremely powerful data. Knowledge of conversion delivers a clear view of future business based on leads and fuels continuous improvement.

Sales pipeline confidence
Enduring business value

Enduring business benefits

Beyond the P&L, the value of a business is its value as an asset. Things such as intellectual property, process, systems, people capability and future sales visibility all add enduring business value.

Advanced technology that everyone can use

Advanced technology that everyone can use

The best of today’s technology is mature, accessible and uncomplicated. It unlocks new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and value-for-money from marketing and sales operations. We demystify ‘digital’ and build marketing and sales process automation with technology that:

  • Improves customer experience
  • Focuses activity on value generation
  • Generates more activity from fewer resources
  • Produces more insightful customer data
  • Measures results and return on investment
  • Fuels continuous improvement


Jim Davidson

Chair of Governing Council, Photography Studies College

"Poignand Consulting undertook initial research and helped to define our target audiences. They developed a communications strategy to meet them and a branding solution that positioned us at the forefront of our industry and our competitors. My sense is that Stuart really helped us understand our offer from a consumer point of view and the importance of identifying who we were trying to reach and how best to target our message. Stuart continues to be interested in the College and assists us with optimising our implementation of the strategy. The experience for us has been transformational. The advice and recommendations remain powerful three years after the completion of the work"

Samuel Avenel

Global Chief Operating Officer, Lyreco

"First of all, I would like to point out the pleasure I had to work with Stuart. Stuart is really talented and sharp-minded. He is a visionary person, very innovative and creative. His engagement is focused, laser-like, on the customer and their needs. Stuart is also dynamic and consistently shares his knowledge, views and ideas to the better. And above all, Stuart has rock-solid-all-across-the-board marketing experience and a strong analytical mind."

Matt Braid

Managing Director, Volvo Car Australia

"Stuart led the team that managed our account and provided creative direction on all Volvo brand and retail advertising in Australia. His combination of a client-side background and strategic expertise was refreshing, and assisted us to achieve our objectives while also challenging us to explore new options and initiatives for the brand."

Chris Shain

Director, Images for Business

"We started working with Poignand Consulting over five years ago. The value they bring to our business is the consistent contribution of new marketing and sales ideas, high-quality implementation and the development of our team’s capability. It is specifically targeted, very useful and delivered in a way that suits us. Today, we have improved the business, have a solid foundation for further growth and have just had our best month in business ever."

Myrna van Pelt

General Manager, Xeno Australia

"Stuart’s professional side is best described as driven, strategic, agile in his thinking and visionary. And the requisite value of Stuart’s visionary input is high in that he offers the ability to make a material difference to any organisation. On the human side are attributes equally worthy. They too make a material difference. These include insight, empathy, belief in others and a level of honesty that’s hard to match."

Libby Jeffery

Momento Photo Books Marketing Manager & Co-Founder

"Stuart and Imogen are fantastic to work with on every front. Their genuine desire to understand and improve our business was obvious from day one. Their strategies were delivered in accessible yet in-depth formats, their scheduling, task, and content management was impeccable, and their evaluation and analysis exhaustive. In addition, their communication style made our regular meetings enlightening and enjoyable. We recommend Poignand Consulting to any business wanting to take their sales and marketing strategies to the next level."

Kevin Ferrari

Managing Director, Dentaurum Australia

"Our company, Dentaurum Australia, has been very proudly working with Poignand Consulting for years. We have a very positive and meaningful relationship, along with shared vision and mutual respect that continues to deliver outstanding paybacks to our industry, staff and most importantly, our customers. Poignand Consulting have a most unique blend of professionalism, clear advice and positive outcomes that benefits us all. Poignand Consulting assist us every day and are a most valued and trusted partner that we are again very proud to work & plan with into the future."

Expereince background 1920px

Experience adds value and reduces risk

The thing about experience is that things are not always as they seem. We’ve mostly been there before, had plenty of success, and some failures too. We have over 25 years of commercial experience in marketing, sales and business leadership within B2C and B2B business – large and small, strong and burgeoning. We’re switched on to the opportunities and traps that others miss.  We know when to speed up, when to slow down and who to talk to when. It’s a critical difference.



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