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From identifying your most valuable target markets to defining your brand, marketing and sales strategies. From attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting leads, to providing experiences that unlock customer lifetime value.

Poignand Consulting provides a range of strategic marketing and sales enablement services that connects the customer experience from first touch to ongoing advocacy.

Delivery comes exactly as you like it - designed to fit your objectives, budget and existing operational capability.

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Inbound marketing and sales

Inbound Marketing and Sales is an approach founded on the fact that today’s buyer is not easily sold to, and does not respond with the same levels of efficiency to traditional marketing, media and sales approaches.

Today’s buyer is empowered to research their own solutions and discover a preferred brand. They are looking for ways to solve problems and realise opportunities. In turn, the brand’s role is to help the right buyer at the right time with useful information that is matched to their particular stage of the buying journey.

The right message to the right customer at the right time has always been marketing nirvana. Now it is possible and measurable.

Inbound Sales strategically aligns the sales approach as a seamless extension of the customer’s buying experience.

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Strategy and Planning Poignand Consulting

Strategy and Planning

Strategic focus is the starting point for value creation. Effective strategy matches high value customer insights with the business’ core competencies to create competitive advantage. And it does so through practical, implementable plans.

We work collaboratively with our clients to unlock opportunities and create sustainable value. 

Brand Strategy Poignand Consulting

Brand Strategy

Well-designed brands add economic value to business and generate preference amongst target customer and staff.

We focus on defining why the brand exists along with the how the brand adds value. This method provides the the basis for powerful brand content.

Marketing Planning Poignand Consulting

Marketing Planning

Details matter.

We work with you to define who does what, when and to allocate budget to each element of execution.

Project Execution

High quality execution that reliably occurs on time and on budget, requires disciplined project management excellence.

Our range of execution services can form a complete marketing organisation or support your existing resources.

Project Execution Poignand Consulting

Lead Generation

Today’s customer is in control of their path to purchase. The most successful businesses win leads by helping potential customers to find what's right for them.

We will help you to develop and implement customer centric inbound marketing programs that attract leads with clearly measurable return on investment.


Lead Generation Poignand Consulting

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is the process of building engagement and trust, and providing the right product or service solution to the propspective customer.

We help our clients to automate lead nurturing using channels such as email, social media or events. Lead scoring and automation is used to hand over qualified leads to the sales team with fully transparent systems that measure effectiveness.

Lead Nurturing Poignand Consulting

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement brings together process, systems and automation to improve the customer experience, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales people. 

We begin by defining a sales process that fits customer and business needs. Automation is used to trigger sales tasks and lead communication.

Sales Enablement Poignand Consulting
SEO Poignand Consulting


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of elevating your online search ranking. When there is a clear link between online content and user search intent, you site is rewarded with higher on page search results.

We approach SEO strategically, built on deep customer insights and rigorous website management.

Social Media Marketing Poignand Consulting

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a highly effective means of amplifying your brand content and provides an additional channel for customer engagement.

We approach social media management with the belief that social must achieve much more than followers and likes. It must contribute to lead acquisition as a seamless component of your marketing strategy.

Paid Search and Social Media Marketing Poignand Consulting

Paid search and social media

Paid Google Ads and advertising on social media channels is an efficient way to increase website visits, social media followers and lead acquisition.

We build campaigns on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Every activity and response is reported for its contribution to your marketing ROI.

Creativity Poignand Consulting


Commercial creativity exists to create commercially effective ideas. It fills the vital role of attracting interest and developing desire and action. 

We approach creativity with the strategic purpose of inspiring the target audience with ideas that bring together customer needs and your business strengths. 

Content creation and design

Well designed content is the fuel for effective marketing. It's used at every stage of the customer journey. It tells your story, engages interest, nurtures opportunity and activates demand.

We create and produce content for every piece of your marketing plan - copywriting, imagery, video and design.

Content Creation and Design Poignand Consulting

Website Design

Your website is the heart of your marketing. It links your target audience to your content. It exists to generate leads and grow the value of existing customers. All other marketing activity revolves around the website, so its performance matters.

We provide end-to-end website services including design, build, content, maintenance and optimisation - all strategically geared for business growth. 

Website Design Poignand Consulting
Research and Insights Poignand Consulting

Research and insights

There’s nothing like facts. The most critical component of effective strategy is having a deep knowledge of customers.

We conduct original research, map the customer experience and uncover knowledge within your business to ensure that strategy and programs are supported by high quality, actionable insights.

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