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The Bond.  Marketing and Sales Podcast

The Bond is about forming deeper customer
connections in marketing and sales.
We want to help business leaders realise their ambitions with greater customer relevance and authenticity. To achieve commercial success by being more mindful of customer experiences. All the while building capability and performance on robust strategy, process and technology.

Over time it will be an A-Z of winning contemporary marketing and sales practice. You’ll gain insights about how to build deeper customer connections and grow in today’s hyper-competitive markets.

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Episodes released fortnightly

Digging deeper. Getting more from Google Ads. Part 2.

Episode 10

In this, the second of a two-part series on Google Ads, Im and Stu dig deeper into the technical aspects that drive Google Ads performance. So you can extract more from your Ads budget.

Make more of your Google Ads budget. Part 1…

Episode 9

Google makes a lot of money from your Ads revenue, running to hundreds of billions of dollars. For the unwary marketer, it's like a drug that costs a lot and only satisfies when you're on it. So it pays to maximise the ROI of Google Ads and consider it part of a holistic organic and paid approach to search marketing. In this first of two-part focus on Google Ads, Im and Stu discuss the key foundation points.

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Improving SEO: Part 2

Episode 8

In the second of our two-part dive into SEO, Im and Stu discuss how to improve SEO performance that drives more of the right people to your website with organic search.

Understanding SEO: Part 1

Episode 7


Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, exists to maximise the organic search traffic your website receives from Google and other search engines. Every business should aim to make organic search the #1 source of website traffic because it delivers more of the right people - those who are most likely to become customers. In this first round of a two-part SEO conversation, Im and Stu discuss the concept of SEO, why it matters, how it works, and how to structure content to increase your SEO performance.

Marketing automation for competitive advantage

Episode 6

Marketing automation is now a strategic must for businesses because it unlocks new levels of effectiveness and provides competitive advantage. In this episode, Im and Stu discuss the role of automation at every stage of the buyer and customer journey. You'll hear practical examples of how best-practice approaches and market-leading tools can energise your marketing program and elevate cost-effective results. 

Increasing sales conversion with inbound sales

Episode 5

A CRM full of great leads means nothing without sales conversion. In this episode, Im and Stu discuss inbound sales methodology, the sales process, sales and marketing alignment, and how technology-driven automation helps to deliver a better customer experience with increased sales conversion at scale.

Creating a marketing strategy from scratch

Episode 4

A strategically focused and customer-centric approach to marketing is essential to effectiveness and return on investment. Im and Stu discuss why your marketing strategy matters, what makes a great marketing strategy, and how to go about creating one.

Building a brand that really connects

Episode 3

A truthful, thoughtful and purposeful brand strategy is essential to business success. It should codify business strengths, values and purpose in a compelling way for your most valuable potential customers and people. Im and Stu explore the elements of purpose-driven brands and how they add value.

Connecting with your people

Episode 2

Marketing should target your most valuable prospective customers to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Im and Stu explore audience segmentation and personas and discuss how to approach targeting that connects the right customers with your business.


Episode 1


Being helpful is the foundation of effective contemporary marketing and sales. By helping our perfect customers find out what they need to know when buying something they need, we're laying the foundations of a connected relationship. Im and Stu explore the concept and share practical ideas to implement in your business today.

Hosted by 


Stuart Poignand, Poignand Consulting

Stuart Poignand


Stuart is a highly experienced sales and marketing professional. He loves helping our clients to develop valuable customer connections. He’s a genuinely customer-centric and commercially minded marketer.

Imogen Arnold, Poignand Consulting

Imogen Arnold-Dunk

Client Service Director

Imogen is an overly modest all-star. An astute marketer, super-organised project manager and a champion of efficiency and process. Im has the rare quality of being able to make the impossible happen and be universally well-liked.

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