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Stuart Poignand

Stuart Poignand loves marketing and the impact it has on business growth. His career includes GM Consumer Marketing of imaging powerhouse, Canon and Sydney MD of the global digital agency SapinetNitro. Today he helps business to unlock customer value with strategically focused inbound marketing and sales enablement.
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How to create a marketing organisation: Choices, traps and value

After a long career in marketing, both within and providing business services, I’ve seen many iterations of the marketing function. Getting it right will directly correlate with business success. Gett...

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Automation: A better experience for customers and business

Nirvana for marketing and sales effectiveness has always been saying the right thing to the right person at the right time. In other words, to be relevant. The continuing rise of AI-driven automation ...

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The changing customer + strategic frameworks for a post-COVID-19 world

The Coronavirus pandemic and its associated health, social and economic crises will change the world. At the very least, they will shape large swathes of our way of life over the next decade. The impl...

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How will the Coronavirus crisis change retail in Australia?

In Australia, we are now just a little over two weeks into the far-reaching social, lifestyle, business and economic impacts of COVID-19. From a health standpoint, it is our society’s number one prior...

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Working from home can be great. Here’s how we do it.

  Poignand Consulting is a marketing consultancy with an entirely remote workforce. We started it that way as many start-ups do. We’ve stayed that way because it’s a great way for us all to work and I...

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Childcare & Early Learning: New age marketing and enrolments

This article provides childcare and early learning centre operators insights into the most effective way to run marketing and enrolments.

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Is your marketing strategy effective?

  What makes a super-compelling marketing strategy for small to medium businesses - and how do you kick-start yours?

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Do you have a compelling brand strategy?

  Your brand is more than a name and a logo; it will represent you and what your business will become. A good brand strategy is important in positioning your business, not only for your clients, but a...

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How to increase sales conversion with the inbound sales approach

  What is inbound sales? At its most simple, inbound sales is a method of selling that puts the customer and their needs first. It is a form of consultative sales that leverages interest and demand bu...

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Lessons learned: marketing for the future

  I was recently asked a great question by a client - a clever and thoughtful young marketer on the rise; "What are the most important things you've learned?" It was a tough one to answer on the spot,...

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