Introducing: 'The Bond' A snackable Marketing and Sales Podcast

Posted by Imogen Arnold on Dec 15, 2022 1:31:15 PM
Imogen Arnold
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The Bond. Marketing and Sales Podcast.

We are excited to share our brand-new podcast, The Bond, which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

The Bond is about forming deeper customer connections in marketing and sales

This podcast series tackles popular marketing and sales topics in snack-sized episodes via friendly discussions between two experienced marketers; Poignand Consulting Director Stuart Poignand and Client Service Director Imogen Arnold-Dunk.

Through, The Bond, Im and Stu will help leaders to realise their ambitions with greater customer relevance, authenticity and capability. This podcast will help listeners to achieve greater commercial success by being more mindful of customer experiences. All the while building capability and performance on robust strategy, process and technology.

Over time it will be an A-Z of winning contemporary marketing and sales practice. Im and Stu will share insights about how to build deeper customer connections and grow in today’s hyper-competitive markets. 3 episodes are available now with new episodes to be added weekly

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Episode 1 discusses the universal concept of helpfulness. That being helpful is the foundation of effective contemporary marketing and sales. By helping our perfect customers find out what they need to know when buying something they need, we're laying the foundations of a connected relationship. Im and Stu share practical ideas to implement in your business. Listen now

Connecting with your people

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Episode 2 explores the power of targeted marketing. Marketing should target your most valuable prospective customers to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. Im and Stu explore audience segmentation and personas and discuss how to approach targeting that connects the right customers with your business. Listen now

Building a brand that really connects

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Episode 3 discusses branding. A truthful, thoughtful and purposeful brand strategy is essential to business success. It should codify business strengths, values and purpose in a compelling way for your most valuable potential customers and people. Im and Stu explore the elements of purpose-driven brands and how they add value. Listen now


Future episodes will cover

  • How to create a marketing strategy from scratch
  • How to get found online 
  • Paid Advertising - tips for making your ads effective
  • Marketing automation - It doesn't have to be scary
  • The marketing mistakes you should avoid
  • How to make more $$$ from less
    And much more

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About Poignand Consulting 

Poignand Consulting is a strategic marketing and sales enablement consultancy that helps to unlock customer value for your business. We do this by helping enrich the customer experience at every point of contact – from the first seed of awareness to enquiry, purchase, and the post-sale relationship. 

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